Thigs to know about London Terror Attacks

The terror attacks that shook up London on March 22, 2017 are the focus of the world's as authorities try to figure out just what happened.
Learn How has the country responded? Who is responsible? How did the event take place? Watch to find out!

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How To Escape A Sinking Vehicle

In this video below, Geoff Fahringer, who is an expert diver, demonstrates what to do when your vehicle is sinking by rolling an older vehicle down a ramp and into an 8 foot deep canal with him inside, and later in the video, with several people.

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Why Japan Keeps Apologizing for World War II

Since the end of WWII, Japanese politicians have apologized for atrocities committed against a number of countries.
What are they apologizing for now?

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Is Slave Labor Still Legal In America?

Across the US, prisoners are required to work for little to no pay and are punished if they refuse.

Is prison labor comparable to slave labor?

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India's Economy Will Overtake The U.S. By 2050

President Donald Trump has pointed to India's economic growth to show that the U.S. is lagging behind.
There's no doubt that India is growing much faster than the US but these numbers does not paint the complete picture.
India is lacking behind work life balance, standard of living & per capita income.

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Turkey's Future MEGAPROJECTS

The Turkish government is overseeing a $400 billion spending spree on infrastructure that it hopes will lay the groundwork for a rapid economic rise. Like:
~ The $49 billion Istanbul New Airport.
~ The $45 billion high speed rail system.

Watch the full list here.

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Top 10 Recycling Countries In The World

Here are the 10 countries with the important distinction of having the highest rates of recycling their municipal waste.
If populated countries like Germany, South Korea, and Italy can do it, so can nations like China, the US, Japan, and India.

Watch the list here.

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South America’s Lithium Boom: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Bolivia holds the world's largest lithium reserves and mining it could heal the impoverished country's economy.
Other countries like chile and Argentina have seen huge financial benefits from Lithium extraction but has lead to many problems like water shortage.

Find more about the Lithium in Bolivia here.

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Watch Why Americans Need Mexico

President Trump has suggested a tax on Mexican imports in order to finance the wall.
Together USA & Mexico make up more than half a trillion dollars in bilateral trade. It will cripple the Mexican economy but will also disturb the American economy.
Find out more information in this video.

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Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?🥊

It becomes easy to animate the characters when they are round and simple. Hence, this is why animators make their character wear gloves and hats.

Every character is round and simple.

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Donald Trump's Inhumane Muslim Ban

This video explains the costs of President Trump's ban targeting seven Muslim countries.
It's a segment from a radio show and discusses some genuine problems of the temporary ban on Muslims by Donald Trump.

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Future MegaQuake Can Hit US Anytime

A "megathrust" earthquake and tsunami will devastate the Northwest of the US, a geological region of the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire" defined by a collision of tectonic plates called the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
For now, It's anyone's guess, but the region is long overdue.

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Which Country Is Leading The Robot Revolution

For many automation has made life easier. At the forefront of this technological shift is none other than one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world: JAPAN.
Watch this video to know how Japan is leading the AI. 🤖

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How America Changed Under Obama

This is a data analysis video of how the U.S. changed under the presidency of Barack Obama.
Obama was successfully able to bring down the unemployment rate, double the stock market, drop in poverty rate and much more.

Watch the full analysis here.

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Donald Trump Shares Awkward Dance With Melania

Donald Trump has his first dance on stage with his wife Melania Trump and it gets so awkward.
Donald Trump sang "I did it my way" as he shared an awkward first dance with his wife Melania at the first of two presidential inaugural balls.

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Who is America's New First Family

As President Donald Trump gears up for the White House, all eyes are on his sons, daughters and many wives.
So who is the new first family?

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Watch Animals Enjoying A Snowy Day

The Oregon zoo is shut down due to the heavy snow, but this doesn't stop animals from having fun.
You will be surprised to see elephants enjoying the snow so much.

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What Is The Function Of World Bank

After World War II, the World Bank was founded to reconstruct Europe and build up the developing world. But has it kept its promises?
What does World Bank actually do?
Find out the answer in this video.

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Is The U.S. Economy Better Off After President Obama?

President Obama inherited an economy in free fall after a major global recession.
So as he leaves office, what will be his economic legacy?

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Toddler Miraculously Rescues Twin Brother

Video footage shows the dresser falling and trapping one child while his twin pushed and moved the dresser until his sibling was free.
He's the real-life superhero.

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