Tesla Energy is Getting Serious

Tesla Energy is doing some interesting things with their utility sized battery systems. While thorium reactors and graphene battery technology may be better solutions, these are still many years away from practical use. What Tesla is doing has come so quickly that it's taking experts by surprise.

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Truth about living on new planet

Everyone is freaking out about the discovery of 7 new potentially-habitable exoplanets, but is Trappist-1 really as good as it sounds?

Watch the video here.

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LG G6 Review

LG's latest flagship is here and after 2015, the company needs a success. Does a unique 18:9 screen and dual camera deliver? Let's find out in our LG G6 review!

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Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die

Researchers have created a room that can charge your phone wirelessly. Could this be the future of charging technology?

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SpaceX promises a Moon vacation in 2018

This week, SpaceX announced a new goal for 2018: sending two people on a one-week trip around the Moon. The passengers are not NASA astronauts but two paying customers who have already put down significant deposits for the mission. It’s a trip that will officially put SpaceX in the space tourism business — and it’s also a trip that could spark a small space race with NASA.

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium first look

The Sony XZ Premium has the world’s first 4K HDR (2,160 x 3,840, High Dynamic Range) display in a smartphone — it’s the latest and most desirable new tech combo for TVs, and Sony’s crammed it into a phone.

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Nokia 3310 first look

The 3310 is making a nostalgic return in the form of a more modern variant, thanks to Nokia-branded phone maker HMD. Like its predecessor, it will still be called the Nokia 3310, but this time it’s running Nokia’s Series 30+ software, with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera, and even a microSD slot.

Price - Around 4000/- Rs

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Moto G5 & G5 Plus Hands On Review

Lenovo has overhauled the Moto G series with a new, metal design, Android Nougat, and promises of great battery life. Here’s a preview of everything new — and it all comes for a cheap price.

Expected US Price - 190 US Dollars

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How Did NASA discovered 7 earth like planet?

NASA has just announced the discovery of another solar system with 7 earth like planets. 🌎
The fastest moving man-made object the Juno spacecraft would take 158 thousand years to get there.

Find out all the things that you should know about these exoplanets in this video.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: What to expect

The Galaxy S8 is just around the corner, and there are a lot of leaks and rumors floating around out there.
Here is a breakdown of the most reliable information of Samsung's upcoming handsets to date.

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NASA Reveals Habitable Planets

Seven Earth-sized planets have been observed by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope around a tiny, nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1.
Three of these planets are firmly in the habitable zone.

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What Is Thirdhand Smoke And How Dangerous Is It?

Third-hand smoke is the tobacco smoke residue and gases that are left after a cigarette has been smoked.
New research has found that the residue cigarette smoke leaves behind could cause serious health issues.

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How Organ Donation Works

Organ donation is a very tricky subject & surprisingly 72% people are afraid of organ donation.
Let's see what actually happens during organ donation in this video.

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How Plants Defend Themselves

Yes!! plants can defend themselves from insects.
A new study has found that when certain plants are damaged, they can emit a chemical to ward off insects. They can even team up with other plants to keep pests away!

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Android Wear 2.0 review on LG's new watches

For 3 years, Google has tried to get us to care about smartwatches. Now it's launching the biggest update to Android Wear since its launch, and along with it, come two new watches from LG to show it off.

Find out the wear 2.0 review here.

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Weird Things Your Body Does When You're Around Your Crush

Love has some strong effects on our bodies. From blushing to sweating, why do we react the way we do when facing a crush?
When you are looking at someone you like your body actually changes; like your pupil dilate.

Watch the video here.

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Things You Can Do With Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality, you can do some really cool things with your smartphone.
~ See how Dinosaurs would look like next to you
~ Try out new furniture in your room
~ Build your own virtual world
~ Add Holograms to your world
~ Raise an imaginary pet

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The delicate science of counting crowds

Usually you researchers use Jacob Method to calculate the number of crowds. This takes a small section of the crowd and uses it to calculate the average square feet per person.

Here’s how we know how many people were in the crowd for Donald Trump’s inauguration and why you won’t hear the number on TV.

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What is WikiLeaks? 🤔

Wikileaks is a journalist organization that publishes news leaks via its website. The leaks are from completely anonymous sources. On a side note WikiLeaks has no affiliation with Wikipedia.

Learn more about how the WikiLeaks started and its operations in this video.

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Can Satellites Be Repaired In Space?📡

Europe’s new GPS system is already broken, there are 9 broken atomic clocks. Maintenance of satellites in space depends totally upon the type of the satellite.

To learn more about fixing satellites in space, watch this video.

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